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Crises, from the pandemic to the conflict in Ukraine, and others yet to come, create a significant shock to our global and organisation systems. There is no going ‘back’ from any crisis. In managing the immediate system shocks a crisis creates, there are multiple and complex unknowns and uncertainties.

Organisations that were thriving pre-crisis now find themselves having to rapidly adapt simply to survive. In the early stages of system shock, everyone – including leaders - must recognise, accept and be clear that in choosing current and future organisation designs there is no right answer that will ‘solve’ all of the current problems - there is no panacea or single right way to manage a crisis. We simply have to work for the good of all, learn as we go, be open to others views and experiences, and be comfortable in not having the answers.

In response to a crisis, anyone working on designing their current and future organisation design, needs to be:

To help you in your designing here are some immediately usable tools and resources.

There are six themes, each with two tools.